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Gigabyte AMD B450 AORUS PRO

The Gigabyte AMD B450 AORUS PRO Motherboard is a business motherboard that is $146.90 on Newegg as of December 1st, 2023. I think that this business motherboard is at a great price because its not too expensive but not to cheap to where you think that its a ripoff. This motherboard has everything that you would need for what you are doing on your pc.

This motherboard supports AMD processors and AM4 sockets. I also like how this motherboard can support a max memory of 64GB. Another reason that this motherboard is good is because the form factor is ATX. Also this motherboard has 7.1 channels and it has DDR4 ram. You will be able to find the rest of the specifications here.  I would recommend this motherboard for any business that is looking to upgrade their motherboards.


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ASRock Z690 Pro Motherboard Review

The Z690 Pro  Intel Motherboard is produced by ASRock and it is awesome. This motherboard is $119.99 on NewEgg and is well worth the price.  The motherboard looks amazing in a black and grey colorway, with a splash of blue and purple glowing lights. When I saw this motherboard it just stood out from the others and when I looked at the specifications I was blown away.

This Motherboard uses Intel’s 1700 CPU socket and can support the newest CPUs from a 12th-generation CPU to a 14th-generation CPU. The Motherboard looks great in my white PC case. The different contrast in colors makes it stand out.

The Motherboard comes with many functions to help you advance. The motherboard is good how it is or you can add different graphics to make your PC more of a gamer or a really nice home or work motherboard. Since I bought this motherboard I have been very happy with it. It allows me to do everything I need to. I can stick up to 4 sticks of ram into this motherboard adding up to the Max of 128GB.

This Motherboard Has good reviews from people who have bought it. This Motherboard comes with integrated components which allows you to get started faster on your build to using your computer. Instead of waiting to use your motherboard till you have bought a graphics card, you could get this motherboard that comes with onboard graphics.

This Motherboard has 6 of USBs for your accessories that you will plug into your PC. you will have 7.1 channels of freaking audio to give you the ability to use whatever sound system that you desire.


ASRock Z690 Pro RS.


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MSI MAG B650M MORTAR WIFI AM5 AMD B650 Motherboard Review


After purchasing the MSI MAG B650M MORTAR motherboard and testing it out, I would suggest buying this motherboard. This motherboard is only 199.99 on Newegg and it did everything I wanted it to do. You can also go to the MSI website to see all specification on this amazing motherboard. 

The MSI MAG B650M MORTAR runs on an AMD B650 chipset that will support the AM5 Ryzen 7000 series. This motherboard has 4 different memory slots where you can put in 192 GB. This was extremely helpful and gave me more memory space. The memory was able to have a 4800 memory speed non-overclocked. This Motherboard also had 2 different M.2 slots and 6 different SATA ports.

I was very happy with the Integrated components that I was able to access for this motherboard. I was able to have access to 8 different USB ports and it even had a type-c. It had 4, 2.0 ports and 3 USB 3.2’s.

This motherboard has 6 total PCI-e ports that could be used. It had 2 PCI-e x16 slots, 1 PCI-e x1 slot. It had 3 other PCI-e ports that run from the CPU and Chipset. Overall I was very happy with this motherboard and it was able to run all of my games and business websites.

This motherboard is rated a 4.1 out of 5 eggs on Newegg. This motherboard is a solid motherboard and will do everything you need it to do. I really do recommend that you buy this motherboard.

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GIGABYTE Z790 UD AC Motherboard Review

The GIGABYTE Z790 UD AC is a gaming motherboard being sold on newegg for $200 but is currently on sale for $189. It supports Intel® Core™ 14th/ 13th /12th processors and has a LGA 1700 socket, you can find the support list here. It also has DDR5 memory support, you can find the full list here.

I was very excited when this finally came in the mail, I’ve been waiting for it for a while. The box wasn’t in the greatest condition but I won’t blame that on GIGABYTE. GIGABYTE is one of my favorite motherboard companies so I was expecting a lot from them. Other than the box being kind of dented, the unboxing process was very smooth.

Everything was perfectly fine inside the box, thankfully GIGABYTE has a 3-year warranty to protect me from anything bad happening to my motherboard. The installation process was pretty weird, even for me who has been installing motherboards for years. There was a missing screw but thankfully I had a spare. I think the installation is a little hard for any beginners out there but the best part is the motherboard’s performance.

GIGABYTE has perfected motherboards by making the best ones out there that rarely have issues. My motherboard has yet to crash and it works flawlessly. I honestly might use it as my main motherboard. It also has great features on its back panel. It has lots of USB ports for my mouse and keyboard, HDMI that works with my monitor, and LAN for my internet needs. Overall, this is a great motherboard for any gamer out there, I give it a 4/5


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ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 FORMULA (ATX) Motherboard Review


Three weeks ago I made the EXPENSIVE choice to buy this motherboard. I haven’t looked back since. This motherboard is absolutely amazing. While there are only 4 SATA ports, there are a whopping 5 M.2 slots. Knowing there is a total of 9 hard drive slots makes me know that I will never run out of storage with this thing.

When I bought this I thought there was no reason for anyone to buy this overpriced motherboard. The CPU and RAM slots are top-notch, the RAM slots are DDR5 8000 and can use a max of 192 GB. The CPU slot on the other hand takes 13th and 14th gen LGA CPUs.

There are an insane amount of backports and USBs on this, you can use so many accessories with this motherboard. While using this my 5 monitors worked perfectly. My $4k GPU worked flawlessly and it was beautiful. Plus the motherboard looks very good.

The power this motherboard can use is mind-boggling. It was a great choice got high-end gaming PCs. It is very expensive but if you have the money for it I think it’s worth it.
I rate it 5 out of 5 stars


ASRock X670E PRO RS AM5 ATX Motherboard Review

You can find the ASRock X670E PRO RS AM5 ATX Gaming Motherboard at Newegg’s website. This motherboard costs $270.99 at this time. This motherboard has 4 out of 5 eggs and 69 ratings.

This motherboard is an ATX motherboard. It is an AM5 CPU type. It also has 4 DDR5 slots. It also has 6 Sata.

This is a very good motherboard for everything you can think of. It is especially good for gaming as it is a gaming motherboard. It runs very smoothly. My PC has also never crashed before.

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The Gigabyte X670E Aorus Master EATX Motherboard is a gaming motherboard sold for $469.99 on Newegg as of 12/1/2023. This motherboard supports AMD processors with an AM5 socket and supports Ryzen 7000 series processors. Full list here. 

This motherboard has the AMD X670E Chipset, which is one of the best options when it comes to chipsets. For memory, this motherboard supports 4×288 pin (DDR5) dual-channel RAM (Read Only Memory). Supporting up to 192GB of RAM. 192GB of RAM is the perfect amount of RAM for gamers who need their PC to run faster and better. This motherboard supports 5200 not overclocked and a maximum of 8000 overclocked.

This motherboard is rated 4/5 eggs on Newegg. This motherboard is pretty expensive at around $500. If you are willing to spend the money then I recommend it. This motherboard can house the best type of AMD CPUs and DDR5 RAM. There are 6 SATA ports for your hard drives and storage devices. There are also M.2 slots for internal storage with a thermal guard. There are 3 PCIe x16 slots for audio and graphics cards or any other ways to expand your motherboard capabilities. There are also plenty of USB ports for your hardware devices and audio jacks for microphones and other sound devices on the I/O panel.


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After first getting the MAG B550M Mortar Max Wifi motherboard I was thrilled to see the amazing esthetics behind this creation. With the black and white smooth and futuristic style it had in my sleek black PC case, it fit the overall look perfectly. What I like the most about this motherboard is the amount of compatibility it has, with the ability to put anything from a Ryzen 3rd gen to a Ryzen 5th gen, I can choose the best CPU for the budget and the uses I need out of this motherboard. With wifi being built into this motherboard, I no longer have to worry about using an adapter like I was using on my old motherboard, allowing me to get the best family-friendly use at home. With four RAM slots, I can truly pick how much I need for my uses for this motherboard from a range from 8 GB of RAM to 128 GB.

Even with the integrated components of the motherboard, you have a wide variety of options. I like being able to connect my phone to the PC Via my USB-C phone cable, and with these integrated component options, I no longer have to worry about using adapters that don’t give me the speed I need. With the display port and HDMI port, I can hook two separate monitors without the need for a graphics card. Also, with the 7.1 audio this baby has, I can hook up the ultimate sound system that I can use when I work.

This is the rating this motherboard has on Newegg, which isn’t bad, it is pretty close to how I would rate it. Now my rating on this motherboard, based on the experience I have had so far with this motherboard, would be 4.5 out of 5 eggs/stars. I was truly hoping that there would be more expansion possibilities with this motherboard for the price of 169.99 on Newegg. Though this motherboard does have plenty of storage connection available, with its 6 SATA ports, including an M.2 Slot, it just doesn’t have enough expansion slots as I would prefer to have. That is how I would rate this motherboard and my review of it.

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ASRock B450M/AC Motherboard Review


ASRock B450M/AC Motherboard has a great performance and it is a fairly cheap motherboard. This motherboard only costs $61.99 on This motherboard can be used for any home PC. This motherboard has a 4.8/5 eggs on newegg. I think that is a good rating.

This motherboard has the maximum memory it can support is 128GB. This is helpful when you need to hold a lot in the memory. There are 4x288pin memory slots. the 4 slots and hold DDR4 memory card. The maximum O.C. memory it can hold is DDR4 4000. The most non-O.C. it can hold is DDR4 2800.

This motherboard is good since it is just for a home PC. Since it has a 4,8/5 rating on NewEgg that means that 86% of people like this motherboard. It is a very cheap motherboard with how many people like it. I think that it is a good home PC motherboard. I use it all the time.

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ASUS prime B760M-A AX

The ASUS prime B760M-A AX is a great motherboard for gaming or using for personal use I would rate it a 4/5 because I think it’s a little overpriced but i would still get it because of its features and how well and smooth it runs.$131.99 Is the total price for this motherboard. this motherboard is also good for if you wanted to use it for business. This motherboard comes with 128GB for its max memory it also supports dual channel and it has 6 x SATA 6Gb/s . The motherboard has 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports (2 x Type-A ) 4 x USB 2.0 ports (4 x Type-A)1 x DisplayPort 2 x HDMI ports 1 x Wi-Fi Module 1 x Realtek 2.5Gb Ethernet port 3 x Audio jacks 1 x PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse combo port and has 7.1 audio channels and Wi-Fi 6 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax) Supports 2.4/5GHz frequency band which is pretty good to have come with a motherboard.  The onboard usb has 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 headers support additional 4 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 connector (supports USB Type-C) 2 x USB 2.0 headers support additional 4 USB 2.0 ports.


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