ASRock B450M/AC Motherboard Review


ASRock B450M/AC Motherboard has a great performance and it is a fairly cheap motherboard. This motherboard only costs $61.99 on This motherboard can be used for any home PC. This motherboard has a 4.8/5 eggs on newegg. I think that is a good rating.

This motherboard has the maximum memory it can support is 128GB. This is helpful when you need to hold a lot in the memory. There are 4x288pin memory slots. the 4 slots and hold DDR4 memory card. The maximum O.C. memory it can hold is DDR4 4000. The most non-O.C. it can hold is DDR4 2800.

This motherboard is good since it is just for a home PC. Since it has a 4,8/5 rating on NewEgg that means that 86% of people like this motherboard. It is a very cheap motherboard with how many people like it. I think that it is a good home PC motherboard. I use it all the time.

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