After first getting the MAG B550M Mortar Max Wifi motherboard I was thrilled to see the amazing esthetics behind this creation. With the black and white smooth and futuristic style it had in my sleek black PC case, it fit the overall look perfectly. What I like the most about this motherboard is the amount of compatibility it has, with the ability to put anything from a Ryzen 3rd gen to a Ryzen 5th gen, I can choose the best CPU for the budget and the uses I need out of this motherboard. With wifi being built into this motherboard, I no longer have to worry about using an adapter like I was using on my old motherboard, allowing me to get the best family-friendly use at home. With four RAM slots, I can truly pick how much I need for my uses for this motherboard from a range from 8 GB of RAM to 128 GB.

Even with the integrated components of the motherboard, you have a wide variety of options. I like being able to connect my phone to the PC Via my USB-C phone cable, and with these integrated component options, I no longer have to worry about using adapters that don’t give me the speed I need. With the display port and HDMI port, I can hook two separate monitors without the need for a graphics card. Also, with the 7.1 audio this baby has, I can hook up the ultimate sound system that I can use when I work.

This is the rating this motherboard has on Newegg, which isn’t bad, it is pretty close to how I would rate it. Now my rating on this motherboard, based on the experience I have had so far with this motherboard, would be 4.5 out of 5 eggs/stars. I was truly hoping that there would be more expansion possibilities with this motherboard for the price of 169.99 on Newegg. Though this motherboard does have plenty of storage connection available, with its 6 SATA ports, including an M.2 Slot, it just doesn’t have enough expansion slots as I would prefer to have. That is how I would rate this motherboard and my review of it.

Note: This review is part of a classroom project.

3 thoughts on “MSI MAG B550M MORTAR MAX WIFI Review

  1. Your review seems legit except for the fact that there is not a spot that says what company made this so you lose all your credit. DO BETTER

  2. It’s a very detailed response and honestly if I was just relaxing and reading on the blog website I would be afraid of how long this is. Good but shortening would help a lot more.

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