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Linux vs. Windows

<![CDATA[Linux vs. Windows
I like Linux and Windows but one of them is obviously more appealing to me. I like Linux better for a multitude of reasons that show it is either better than Windows or generally good. Windows does not have half of what Linux offers when it comes to customization, but cost $100-$200. “Windows 10 Pro would sell at $199 and Windows 10 Home would cost $119”, ( this is the going price for Windows OS right now. Linux however is completely free of charge and easy to download.
Linux if fast just like Windows I cannot tell which is faster if one is. I think we should use it for the school PC so that way the school can save money on an OS and Linux is safer than Windows when it comes to virus prevention. According to an article provided by Mr. Pool, Linux gets less viruses and has less of a chance to get viruses. It is simple to use, and makes you put in an admin password to delete or change important files, so no one should be able to mess up your computer that way. It has all the software we need for school; we should definitely switch.
I wish I was able to use this before today, I would have used it with every PC I have ever owned. I wonder how I was not able to find and use it until now. Originally I figured it would be a knock off of windows because it was free to use, but it is completely different and has everything you could want, and if not it has an easy software manager to find what you need. I would recommend this OS to anyone and everyone. Once downloaded and opened from my experience it only downloads what you want it to. Windows downloads what they think you want, “They are installing programs onto your computer before you purchase it, thinking they will improve your experience” (
It is actually compatible with almost any PC as well. You could download it on that dinosaur computer you have sitting in your basement and it will actually run like new and well like a new computer. It is supported by just about every computer and works great on them. Obviously with an older computer it can only operate so quickly but it is still does well. I have a computer at home that has no OS because it crashed during a reinstall of windows, I want to use Linux on it to restore it to a condition better than before. Another good thing is it installs so much faster than windows, and allows you to customize what you get and don’t get during the installation. I was able to use the Linux disc and complete repair the laptop, and it works like new again.
So Linux is if not faster than Windows, then just as fast. It installs more quickly than Windows, and allows you to customize what you want and don’t want. It also has less viruses along with, problems are fixed at a much more productive rate. It is absolutely free, which you will pay hundreds for Windows. Linux comes equipped with software you need for actual activities like reading a PDF instead of making you go search down a PDF reader like Adobe Reader. Overall Linux beats out Windows in just about every category. I would personally recommend this OS for everyone with a computer. Although I favor Linux, but this doesn’t mean I am saying for fact that it is better. I just personally feel this way about Linux and Windows

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Linux Vs Windows

<![CDATA[Linux vs Windows is a never ending debate and i am going to tell you my thoughts on this popular discussion and maybe change your mind about the two Operating systems. Linux is a great operating system considering its free and it actually offers some things that window's doesn't offer. Linux is one of the least used operating systems according to that graph . Though this is true i think its more because people don’t even know what Linux is because its free. I think that Linux offers a lot of different and better changes than what windows has but Windows is a equally as good operating system and arguably better if you know have a way of getting it or you just like the feel of it more and understand it. Linux is different in a lot of different ways then Windows and some of these things are Linux has basically no viruses and Windows can still get them. New computers running Windows have constant problems that people have complained about and are still not being fixed. When you first get a computer running Windows there are a lot of random tabs that constantly open asking you to subscribe and get these free games,apps and services that you later find out aren’t free and were just a free 30 day trial. So besides paying for this Windows operating system now you don’t even get free apps and services when you buy the OS. However when you’re on a Linux computer none of these things happen and your free Operating system is still free because you didn’t have to buy random things.
Linux is free and windows can cost $119-$200 depending on if you get the pro version or just the original.Linux doesn’t have to wait as long for bugs to be fixed or problems because its constantly being updated and changed which is nice. Windows is also constantly being updated but Linux is just slightly faster.You can change what your desktop is going to look like in Linux. Windows doesn’t really need to change what its desktop looks like because it already looks really good but that’s just another feature windows doesn’t have. Windows is a really good operating system but i don’t know if its worth that much money to have. Linux is free however as i already mentioned and does some things windows cant do and can do. Linux however doesn’t look as good in my opinion and if you are used to windows or any of the other Windows versions then it might be a weird switch to Linux. Linux has its own problems however. Linux is open source which means that you can change what it does yourself and this can be bad. Its not too big of a deal because changing it is all your choice and if you do something bad and change it a certain way then its your fault not Linux’s.
Overall I really like Linux and think that its a really good operating system. I think that Linux might not be good on our school PC’s because people are used to windows and might not know how to navigate Linux or just mess around with it all the time rather than doing their work. It might not be bad at our school’s if there was a class on it and people could learn how to use it first. I think it wouldn’t be good though on our school PC’s we just need to stick to Windows. I think the main reason why i haven’t used Linux before is because my brothers always got windows free from their colleges so they would just get me windows for free and i would just use it and i had nothing wrong with it. I might consider installing Linux if i get a newer computer just to try it out and see what its all about. I am kinda curious to see what it has to offer. My overall thought on Linux is that its a great operating system but it is one i think you need to know about before you use it and if you have windows then it isn’t really necessary to switch over unless you just absolutely don’t like windows at all which isn’t the case for most people. If you don’t have windows or any other operating system i would definitely consider using Linux since its free and you can get it right away.
I’ve talked a lot about Linux i feel that its better at the end of the day because it offers more then what Windows does and  When it comes down to it I don’t want to spend money on Windows operating system when i can get Linux that’s free and offers just as much and has some things that Windows needs. Windows i will say has a more User Friendly feel and look to it but other than that i cant really find what it has going better for it than Linux. It doesn’t really offer much more than what Linux already has. So this is why I think that Linux is just a better Operating System.]]>

Linux vs. Windows

<![CDATA[After using Linux Mint for the past week, I have realized that Linux, at least in this version, is a pretty great OS — especially when you consider that it is completely free. I feel that because Linux is free, that is an automatic plus when you consider that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to get the programs necessary to run Windows (Cornet).
The display on Linux is decent considering that it is a free program, but I feel it is too close how Windows 7 looked to really feel unique. For example, the home menu is in the bottom left corner with the pinned programs displayed by their icons. This is all on the bottom of the screen, just like Windows. On an upside, this makes it an easier transition for a Windows user, like myself, to start getting into Linux. As a downside, however, you can’t help but compare the sleek design of Windows 7 to Mint’s layout.
Despite Windows having a better designed layout, I really do like Linux. It is far easier to set up a new Linux machine than a Windows machine because Linux comes with everything it needs: A good browser — unlike Internet Explorer– office programs, and the ability to quickly download other necessary programs. Linux is better when you consider the fact that you almost don’t have to worry about viruses, because most are written for Windows (Cornet). It also doesn’t help that I couldn’t find an article on the Internet giving reasons why you should use Windows 10 over Linux.
I feel that had we not already paid for Windows for the computers in the building, Linux would have been the better choice. It would save money that could be used to buy other things that our technology department might need because, as stated earlier, Linux is free. Paired with the fact that viruses are very rare in Linux, we wouldn’t have to worry about someone accidentally infecting their laptops. I feel that the reason why I haven’t personally used Linux is because I wasn’t completely sure how to change operating systems until recently.
In conclusion, for functionality and cost effectiveness, I would recommend Linux. Windows, however, definitely has a better looking layout than Linux Mint. Perhaps other Linux versions have better layouts, but I have only used Mint. Would I recommend Linux to update an old computer? Yes. The display isn’t so far behind Windows that I would feel annoyed with using it, so it would be a great fit to maybe bring an old computer “back to life.” Overall, I feel I should start looking for an old computer to fix, because I really like Linux.
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