ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 FORMULA (ATX) Motherboard Review


Three weeks ago I made the EXPENSIVE choice to buy this motherboard. I haven’t looked back since. This motherboard is absolutely amazing. While there are only 4 SATA ports, there are a whopping 5 M.2 slots. Knowing there is a total of 9 hard drive slots makes me know that I will never run out of storage with this thing.

When I bought this I thought there was no reason for anyone to buy this overpriced motherboard. The CPU and RAM slots are top-notch, the RAM slots are DDR5 8000 and can use a max of 192 GB. The CPU slot on the other hand takes 13th and 14th gen LGA CPUs.

There are an insane amount of backports and USBs on this, you can use so many accessories with this motherboard. While using this my 5 monitors worked perfectly. My $4k GPU worked flawlessly and it was beautiful. Plus the motherboard looks very good.

The power this motherboard can use is mind-boggling. It was a great choice got high-end gaming PCs. It is very expensive but if you have the money for it I think it’s worth it.
I rate it 5 out of 5 stars


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