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My Review On The SAMSUNG 980 M.2 2280 1TB

My Review On The SAMSUNG 980 M.2 2280 1TB

Ok so, the 1TB SSD worked as intended at least. It did as told, not much wrong with it. So far, Samsung hasn’t been that bad of a company. Every time I’ve chose to go with it’s products, everything has ran rather smoothly. Rather solid SSD.

It was at the speed of spoke of and worked as told. I wasn’t surprised or shock by any outcome though, despite it working fine. Do I recommended using this SSD yourself? I’d say so, maybe it shouldn’t be your best choice, but it certainly won’t be your worst. It’s your choice to trust my word.

Here’s the perfomance.

And above this are the details.


Thanks for reading!


Note:  This review is part of a classroom project.


Memory Blog Post

Review of PNY XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB 16GB and PNY XLR8 Gaming MAKO 32GB

This is my review of the latest two memories I have used. They are both rather successful and faithful in what they seek out to do. Nothing too much of failures, all did well in their own way. My goal was to see them as the fastest and cheapest. The fastest was certainly fast but the cheapest certainly showed, but did it’s job.

The fastest was the best out of the two obviously. It did very well, it’s speed were unmatched and it was certainly expensive. I suggest others use it too as it is quite good memory.

As for the cheapest it was to be expected with it’s results. It did what it was said to do. There’s not alot to say about it, as it was the cheapest, it did not have much special qualities. Certainly not the worst memory I suppose, considering cheapest doesn’t always mean the worst. With that, I conclude my review. Thanks for reading.


Note:  This review is part of a classroom project.

My Review of the Intel Core i7-2700KF


My Review on the Intriguing Intel Core i7-2700KF

I am here to share my opinions and more on my research of the Intel Core 17-2700KF CPU. It was at moderately cheap price, and it was good but nothing impressive upon using it. Though it is far from a terrible CPU. I’ll show a picture of the following CPU here:

Despite it not being impressive it was certainly a good CPU, for those who have not tried anything before. Let’s start to go on about the aspects of the CPU itself. It’s Clockspeed (3.6 GHz) was rather fine, not extremely fast that it was amazing but quite fast enough to enjoy the CPU without too much issue. The cache’s are as follows, L1: 1024 KB, L2: 12.0 MB, L3: 25 MB. All ok enough, all work just fine. Before I go on, here is another image:

The Socket Type for this CPU is: FCLGA1700. Not much to say there, quite decent in number. The CPU has 12 Cores and 20 Threads, not too shabby. Not an issue at all upon usage. A rating I found, from the website PassMark (Which can be found by clicking the first image in this blog post) is as follows: 34523. Not a bad rating, I say at least. If you were wanting to purchase this CPU the price would range from $200-$420. The second image in the blog post has a link in where you can purchase it, the price there is $424.95. With that said, this brings this my review on the Intel Core i7 2700KF to an end. As this was all that I found in my research. Hopefully in some way, this information was beneficial to you. Good day.


Note:  This review is part of a classroom project.

Jaydon’s First Blog Post

My Summer Vacation


For me personally, I’m not the person who likes to travel. If I had the choice, I’d stay home all I could. So I literally know, no vacations places. But, of course I have to choose something. So I suppose I would check out New York for a few days, merely for the experience. I know it sucks to live there, but I just would like to go there to understand it I suppose.


There’s no proper website for this image, just takes you to google maps.



But ya, I would simply go there for a few days to understand the place and see the great spots of New York. I would never live there, but I’d go there to explore. It’s a huge place, so there’s tons to see. Haha, it really isn’t that great to me, but I gotta write something I suppose. I’m sure it’d be fun to go with someone too.


No link again, same thing as the last image, sorry.

That would be it for my blog. I’d say it’s rather sad, and boring. But hey an assignment’s a assignment. Thanks for reading though. Even if it wasn’t much.