Jaydon’s First Blog Post

My Summer Vacation


For me personally, I’m not the person who likes to travel. If I had the choice, I’d stay home all I could. So I literally know, no vacations places. But, of course I have to choose something. So I suppose I would check out New York for a few days, merely for the experience. I know it sucks to live there, but I just would like to go there to understand it I suppose.


There’s no proper website for this image, just takes you to google maps.



But ya, I would simply go there for a few days to understand the place and see the great spots of New York. I would never live there, but I’d go there to explore. It’s a huge place, so there’s tons to see. Haha, it really isn’t that great to me, but I gotta write something I suppose. I’m sure it’d be fun to go with someone too.


No link again, same thing as the last image, sorry.

That would be it for my blog. I’d say it’s rather sad, and boring. But hey an assignment’s a assignment. Thanks for reading though. Even if it wasn’t much.



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