B460 Steel Legend

The B460 Steel Legend is a good working and business motherboard. If you are looking for a motherboard to get the job done and is not too expensive then you want this motherboard. This business motherboard can be more than for work it could be a good everyday use as well. This is a good quality motherboard that has a 3-year warranty with it; made by ASRock. It is also an Intel Core which will only support Intel CPUs.

This motherboard CPU Socket Type is an LGA 1200 and supports a 10th Gen Intel Core Processors. More information on this Motherboard

This motherboard holds 128GB of maximum memory. The motherboards memory slots hold DDR4 with 4 slots for it.

The Back Panel

It has integrated graphics audio and LAN.



ASRock B460 Steel Legend

Note: This review is for a classroom project

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