Intel Celeron G1820

Intel is a multinational technology company. Their headquarters is located in Santa Clara, CA. Intel is usually regarded as having better CPU’s than their competitor AMD but you have to pay a lot more money. The Intel Celeron G1820 is a good and bad example of this.

The Intel Celeron G1820 is the cheapest CPU that I could find that was supported by my motherboard. The Intel Celeron G1820 is a horrible CPU for the price. On Amazon this CPU goes for about $60 for a new one, but the bench score from PassMark is 2132. This is a low score for the price. You can buy an AMD CPU for the same price and it will have double this score.

CPU Specs

  • Socket Type- 1150
  • Clock Speed-2.7 GHz
  • # Cores/Threads
  • Type of Cache- 2MB Intel Smart

I would recommend this CPU if you have an older motherboard that it is compatible with, and you are only looking to use it for surfing the web. It is not something you would want to buy if you are trying to

This is for a class project

PS. I was informed that I was gravely mistaken for recommending this CPU because Celeron stands for( Craperon). As of now I do not recommend this CPU.

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