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Western Digital WD_BLACK SN770

The WD_BLACK SN770 is a M.2 hard drive, that was made by Western Digital Corporation. The Western Digital Corporation is a company that makes computer drives, data storage, and data center systems, and cloud storage services. Their Headquarters are in San Jose of California. So the WD_BLACK SN770 is a Solid State Drive meaning it can only last for so long, how long? It’s Mean Time Between Failure last for 1.75 million hours, meaning this would last 199.7716895 years.

Now for speed and other stats, it’s read speed is 5000MBps and write speed is 4000MBps. it’s gigabyte is 500 and PCle is a Gen4 16GT/s, and can be up to 4 lanes. The 4KB Random reading is 460,000 and it’s 4KB Random writing is 800,000. and getting a WD_BLACK SN770 also comes with 3-year warranty, but this SSD does not come with a buffer and does not specify if it’s a TLC, MLC, or even a QLC. But the price isn’t that bad for a Solid State Drive, using this SSD was pretty decent, it had plenty of room and lasted for quite a while. So if you want one the link is right here only for $39.99.

Note: This review is for a classroom project.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR4 Memory

Kingston is a technology company that makes mostly flash-memory products other computer items. And one of the products we’re focusing on is the Kingston FURY Beast DDR4 Memory. This memory is mostly made for home PCs due to it being 8GB, it is known as the fastest memory for home PCs, despite the fact it’s has no overclock. As I already said it’s capacity is 8 gigabytes, it’s a DDR4 3200 CL16, it is a Non-Error-connection code, it is a dual channel, it’s CAS Latency is 16, it’s voltage is 1.35v, and it’s access time would be 200. This memory is pretty decent as a home computer, but I would recommend a memory with an overclock, because it would way faster when you need it to be. plus this costs $71.98, there are way more cheaper and definitely more worth to buy, but if you still want to buy it the link is at the bottom.


where to buy:

note: this review is for a classroom project

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Review

The AMD Ryzen 9 5950X is a CPU made by AMD the company that is know for making designing and developing computer processors and graphic technologies. AMD has made many different CPUs, and today I have tested out the AMD Ryzen 95950X CPU.

This CPU is made for AM4 sockets only and made to be quite fast, it has 16 cores, it’s base clock is 3.4GHz, and it costed me $499.00. As I tested it out on my home PC it was pretty fast, my computer worked a lot quicker and smoother then my old CPU. But would recommend on getting a mother with a AM5 socket in order get even faster CPU. If all you need is a AMD Ryzen 95950X CPU then the link is below the text and so is the specs and website. 

where to buy it:


Note:  This review is part of a classroom project.