SAMSUNG 870 EVO Series Hard Drive

In todays blog, I will be talking about the SAMSUNG 870 EVO Series hard drive. This hard drive in my opinion is very good for just a simple home motherboard. This hard drive is perfect for a home motherboard because of its specifications and the price! For the low cost of only $52.95, you can get this incredible hard drive!

Now lets get to the fun part, the specifications! This hard drive is 250GB. Its read speed goes up to 560MBps and its write speed goes up to  530MBps. Its MTBF is 1,500,000 hours. It also has a warranty of five years. Its TBW goes up to 150MBps and it is an MLC which is not bad at all. Its price per GB is 0.16 cents which is pretty cheap! Everyone loves cheap. Again, for the low low price of just $52.95, you can get this wonderful hard drive.

When using this hard drive, I would recommend just using a home motherboard. According to everything I have done, it works best on a home motherboard. This is a great, cheap hard drive option if you just have a home motherboard. It works great for me and I have not had any issues with it so far! I would definitely recommend!


Note: This was part of a school assignment

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