AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Review

The  Ryzen 3 3200G is a low-level processor made by AMD for the lower-priced market.  Currently available on Amazon for $93, I would not recommend this CPU for any mid to high-end user.  Although it has integrated graphics and includes the CPU cooler, the overall benchmark score is fairly low with a Passmark score of only 7144 at the time of this posting.

Experience:  Most games were extremely laggy with this processor if they installed at all.  Basic web browsing was fast and responsive.   Word processing and office tasks were also snappy and responsive.  The system I tested this on had 8GB of RAM and Windows 10 was installed on a SSD.  The CPU cache on this processor is comparatively low and I would not suggest limiting the system RAM below 8GB or putting your OS on a traditional HDD.

CPU Specifications

  • # of CPU Cores – 4
  • # of Threads -4
  • Max. Boost Clock -Up to 4.0GHz
  • Base Clock – 3.6GHz
  • L1 Cache – 384KB
  • L2 Cache -2MB
  • L3 Cache -4MB
  • Default TDP -65W
  • Unlocked for Overclocking – Yes
  • CPU Socket – AM4
  • Launch Date – 7/7/2019

Overall, as I stated earlier, I was not happy with this CPU.  There are other options far superior for near the same cost.  I would avoid purchasing this option if possible.

Note:  This review is part of a classroom project.


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