Corsair Vengeance Memory 32 GB DDR5 7200MHz Review

The Corsair DDR5 7200MHz memory is the best memory that I have ever owned and I am more than happy to share my review of this memory with you. In the time that I have owned this memory, I have never had any problems with this memory. It’s extremely fast and reliable. Since I have owned this memory the overall speed of my PC has also increased extremely.

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This RAM is DDR5 with a speed of 7200 MHz and a CL of 34. This RAM is very fast, and reliable, and has really increased the performance of my PC. I would recommend this RAM to any experienced PC enthusiast as it is quite expensive. This RAM comes at a price of $287.99. Although this is expensive, I believe that it’s worth every last penny as this RAM has very high performance.

RAM Specifications

  • DDR5
  • Dual Channel
  • 7200MHz
  • CL 34
  • Non-Parity
  • Non-ECC



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