Samsung 970 EVO

Samsung 970 EVO

This hard drive is for a gamer motherboard; it is very good for an M.2. When trying to find a hard drive this one can do the trick on what you’re trying to do with your motherboard. It has a lot of features and things that will add to your best experiences for your gaming.

Some of the specs are:

Size: 1TB

Connection Types: M.2 PCI

Read/write speeds:  Max Read: Up to 3400 MBps and Max Write: up to 2500 MBps


Mean time Before Failure (MTBF): 1,500,000 hours

Warranty: 3 years for parts and labor


Read IOPS: QD32-  Up to 500,000 and QD1- Up to 15,000 

Write IOPS: QD32- Up to 450,000 and Qd1- Up to 50,000


The price of this Hard Drive is $172.65 and for a 1TB, it is at a pretty good price for all the things you want this Hard Drive to do for you.


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