Review Of The BarracudaPro Hard Drive

<![CDATA[Seagate Technology has created the best hard drive for your PC with the all-new BarracudaPro series. Seagate developed the first 5.25 inch HDD back in the 80’s and they continue to produce the best hard drives for their customers!
Image result for seagate 4 TB ST4000DM006
The hard drive pictured above is the BarracudaPro 4 Terabyte ST4000DM006 3.5-inch internal hard drive. This hard drive includes:

  • 4 TB capacity
  • A transfer rate of 600 MBps
  • Mean time before failure is 1.2 million hours!
  • 7200 RPM
  • The buffer size is 128 MB

I bought this hard drive off of Amazon for $174.99. It may seem a little pricey, but it comes with a guaranteed five-year warranty, and I can say that it is the best option for my gaming PC, compatible with my Biostar  X370GT7 motherboard. The reviews on Newegg below agree as well!

Note: This is part of a classroom project ]]>

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