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Samsung 980 Review

This Solid State Drive is pretty good for the cost. This SSD only costs $50.65 for 250 GB which means that each GB cost just a few cents. In addition, this SSD will work in most Motherboards you try it in. After trying this in my PC for a few weeks I can say it was worth all $50. When starting applications I noticed that they were loading a lot faster than when I wasn’t using the SSD.Specifications

  • Size: 250 GB
  • Transfer Rate: 3,500 MB/s
  • MTBF: 1.5 million hours
  • IOPS: 17,000
  • Read Speed: 2,900 MB/s
  • Write Speed: 1,300 MB/s
  • Warranty: 5 years

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Kingston Fury Beast Memory Review

I recently acquired the Kingston Fury Beast 32GB DIMM Memory Module (KF556C40BB32) for my gaming setup. My motherboard, the MSI MAG B650 TOMAHAWK, only supports DDR5 RAM. I opted for this module due to its speed, affordability, and the fact that I wanted 32GB of RAM. However, I later realized that I should have gone for a 2x16GB set instead, in order to take full advantage of my motherboard’s dual-channel capabilities. Although this module would have been a good choice for future expansion if I needed 64GB, 32GB is already more than sufficient for a typical gaming setup, making my purchase a mistake.

Despite appearing fast, the specifications (listed below) reveal the true speed of the RAM. When calculating the response time (40/5,600,000,000), the result is 7.14ns, which is not particularly impressive. I was disappointed with this result, especially when comparing it to the faster response time and lower CL of a DDR4 stick in my previous system. However, at the time of writing, the cost of the module is $125.82, which is a reasonable price for 32GB of DDR5 RAM.

I would strongly advise seeking out a dual-channel set of RAM and conducting the necessary calculations, rather than relying solely on the MHz specification. Dividing the CAS Latency by the frequency enables you to determine the RAM response time, which is a crucial factor to consider. By way of comparison, the G.SKILL Ripjaws S5 2x16GB boasts the same frequency, but with a lower CL of 36, resulting in an impressively fast 6.4ns response time. Furthermore, it is priced at a mere $119.95, making it both cheaper and faster than the Kingston Fury Beast. Consequently, I must advise against purchasing the latter RAM at this time.

Note:  This review is part of a classroom project.


i9-11900K Review

The Intel i9-11900K is the best CPU I have ever bought. When I bought it I wasn’t thinking if it would work on my cheap Motherboard so I was hoping it would. When it arrived I wasn’t even thinking that it would not work so I put it into the CPU socket and when I started up my PC it worked. The CPU was working better than any CPU I had ever bought. The CPU benchmark score is 25537 which is an ok score but what makes this CPU so good is its Single Thread Rating. Its Single Thread Rating is 3531 which is really good considering the CPU benchmark score.


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Most might consider the price to be way too high with it being priced at $349.94 but I think that it was worth every penny. I also think that it is set at the perfect price I feel like if it was priced higher I would not have bought it.



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This CPU is an LGA1200 with 8 cores and 16 threads. It has a clockspeed of 3.5GHz. Its L1 cache is 320KB, its L2 cache is 2.0 MB, and its L3 cache is 16 MB.

In conclusion, I would recommend this CPU to anyone who has the money to pay for it and if their Motherboard supports it. If you ever upgrade a PC make sure to buy this CPU if you don’t use it already.


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