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iGame Geforce RTX 3060 Ultra W OC 12G-V

The GeForce RTX 3060 Ultra is a very good graphics card, having an OpenGL Version of 4.6, along with having DirectX 12. Manufactured by Colorful, which is China’s NO.1 computer parts manufacturer, making anything from them a highly sought-after commodity.

(Graphics Card shown below)

Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Ultra W OC 12G-V Gameplay Review - YouTube


Specifications of Card Below

3584 CUDA Cores

12GB of Memory

GDDR6 Memory Type

DirectX 12 Ultimate/OpenGL 4.6



As you can see, this is quite the video card, and for $1145.70 (As of this post), this card is a really good option.

Team Group: XTREEM ARGB RAM Review

RAM is a lot when it comes to computers. Can increase speed, performance, and everything in between. But, TEAMGROUP really showed us just how much of a statement they can make in such a competitive field, and the XTREEM ARGB is no understatement.

This RAM is one of the best I have ever seen. With a CAS Latency (CL) of 14 running at 3200 MHz brings this to a 4 nanosecond response time! Having this in your system would almost always increase performance.


The RAM does come with options, with the highest being a 5333 with a CL of 22! Which is a 4.1 nanosecond response time. Now, that package is 2x8GB sticks, but it is still very fast. And with their lifetime warranty, you will never have to buy another stick of RAM again.

Pictured above is simply just another color option you can choose.

These are some of the best RAM I have seen in a while. I mean, the fact that there is even RAM that is that fast is insane.



Intel® Core™ i9-11900KF Processor Review

The Intel Core i9-11900KF is a great processor for anything, whether you are playing a game, running multiple programs, or just watching a show, this CPU is a great choice.

This CPU has a rating of 25675, which means that it is a great CPU. Not only that, but it’s single thread rating is a very good 3536. Since the CPU is a 8 core 16 thread processer, that means that you could run 8 Skyrim’s at once! Quite the comparrison, I know.


The CPU specifications for this CPU are as follows:

  • 8 Cores
  • 16 threads
  • 16 MB Smart Cache
  • 8 GT/s of Bus Speed
  • 3.5 GHZ clockspeed

Now for the price. Current this CPU is going for $499.99 on newegg. (As of 1/21/22 you can use promo code “GNLBNA852” for 15% off.)

As you can see, this CPU is loved by the masses. With a rating of 5/5 eggs, this is clearly a great CPU.

NOTE: This review is part of a classroom project.

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