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Gaming Motherboard

This gaming motherboard is a great motherboard. I have used this motherboard for all of my  gaming computers and I would tell other people that they should get this motherboard for their gaming computers.

H310M S2H(1.0)

This mother board supports the 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors. The graphic card for this is great. the graphic card that it has is NVIDIA GTX 1060. The graphics are amazing.  This motherboard also has good memory. It has 8GB ram or it can even take more.

This motherboard has high end audio and audio noise guard.  With this high audio it makes you feel like you are in the game. That is something that I love about this so the sounds are realistic.  The cooling fan for this is really good. It works really well and I have never had a problem.

The Back panel has  D-sub, DVI, HDMI, Gaming lan and more as you can see in the picture.

H310M S2H(1.0)

This motherboard boots fast and that is another thing that is awesome about it. It has a lot of unique features to look and read more about it go to

Note: this is review of a classroom project