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WD Blue SSD Review

<![CDATA[Western Digital is an American computer data storage company and one of the largest computer hard disk drive manufacturers in the world, compared to its main competitor Seagate Technology (Western Digital Wikipedia).

The 500GB model of this memory gives the best value for a price of $129.99 . They offer a 3 year warranty period for parts and labor, and provide a MTBF of up to 1.75 million hours (Tom’s Hardware).
The WD Blue’s performance is far from exciting. As a hard disk drive manufacturer, Western Digital is having trouble keeping up and updating with optimized solid state drives. Many hard drive companies fail to create newer and updated products when they are consumed in an old mindset. Although the 1 TB Blue SSD breaks the 10,000 random read IOPS barrier, the price for this performance is steep (Tom’s Hardware).

Specifications (For 500GB) :

Capacity-500 Gb
– 560 MBps
Write– 530 MBps
IOPS Read– 95,000
IOPS Write– 84,000

Overall, the WD Blue is not worth the effort. If you’re paying the cheaper option, you’ll definitely see it in the performance. If you choose the better performance option, the price is ridiculous. It is just another piece of evidence that older companies that get stuck in their old ways are bound to fail.
Note:  This review is part of a classroom project.

G.Skill RipjawsV DDR4-2666 MHz Memory Review

<![CDATA[G.Skill is an internationally known computer hardware company based in Taiwan. They produce an influx of high-end PC products. The most well-known of these products is their RAM. Although G.Skills targeted audience is overclocking computer users, I bought memory for them that worked with my gaming motherboard, non-overclocked.
Today I am reviewing the G.Skill Ripjaws4 DDR4-2666 MHz  memory kit.  I tested this memory on my ASUS ROG Strix Z370-e gaming motherboard.
Aesthetically, this memory kit looks pretty good on a motherboard. The red heatspreaders are not ridiculously tall. Each memory stick is a bright cherry red color with the G.Skill logo branded on both sides. These sticks feel very well made (Overclockers).However, as we know, aesthetics are not the most important aspect of memory reviewing.
This particular memory is available in a wide range of frequency options from standard DDR4-2133MHz to a blistering DDR4-3733MHz. This particular kit has a very enjoyable performance and holds up to the task. The price of $189.99 can be compared to many other memory kits, but the performance cannot (Proclockers).

The specifications for the memory are pictured in the chart below: 

Overall, this memory kit is a job well done for G.Skill. The Ripjaws V series provides a faster computer experience for gaming, editing, rendering, and processing. The memory kit combines a sleeker look and high quality performance into one, creating an experience of great cosmetics and performance, for a great price (Proclockers).

Note: This review is part of a classroom project.




Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake processor Review

<![CDATA[Intel, one of the only two CPU producers, has a wide variety of products to choose from. Today, I will be reviewing the Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake processor (from Intel). This CPU costs $339.99 on Newegg. This CPU is a relatively unimpressive and underwhelming product.
Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It is the world’s second largest and second highest valued semiconductor chip makers based on revenue after being overtaken by Samsung, and is the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors, the processors found in most PCs (Intel Wikipedia).
Intel’s 7700K processor is a largely unimpressive one. Although this top-end processor is the most advanced CPU silicon around, it is far from a must-have. So the question of, “Is it worth the price?” becomes a very difficult one to answer. Unless your current CPU is extremely old and you’re dying to get a new one, there is no need to be jealous over the newer generation CPU. In simple terms: keep your current CPU, because this one is nothing to write home about. The Core i7 7700K is not a worthy upgrade (PC Games News).

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The Core i7 7700K has been condemned from many users as a product that is produced when companies simply stop trying. The clock speeds are slightly higher, but Intel neglects to improve factors like architecture, process, and instructions per clock. This CPU overall does not perform better than any of its predecessors (arsTechnica).

  • CPU clock speed: 4.2 GHz
  • Number of cores: quad-core
  • Socket type: LGA 1151
  • Cache (L1, L2, L3):
    • L1– 4 x 32KB instruction
      4 x 32KB data
      L2– 4 x 256KB
      L3– 8MB
  • Passmark CPU mark: 12101

Overall, I would not recommend this CPU to anyone looking for a shiny new component to put in their PC. It is technically sufficient for gaming and any other activities you may want to perform on your computer, but chances are the the CPU you currently have is too. And the Core i7-7700K is just not worth the upgrade. If you are just itching for a new CPU, avoid this new generation Kaby Lake family of processors. Or, just avoid Intel in general and try a CPU from the competition, AMD.
Note:  This review is part of a classroom project.

ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming Motherboard Review

<![CDATA[ASUS offers a very large variety of motherboards, from efficient but basic home PCs to high-end but costly gaming PCs. In this review, I will be talking about the ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming motherboard. This motherboard costs $209.99 (£206.99).

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AsusTek Computer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational computer and phone hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. Its products include desktops, laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, networking equipment, monitors, WIFI routers, projectors, motherboards, graphics cards, optical storage, multimedia products, peripherals, wearables, servers, workstations, and tablet PCs (Asus Wikipedia).
There are many aspects to consider when reviewing a motherboard that has been made for gaming. Especially one that will cost you almost $210. The  ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming motherboard in question today has a very mixed blend of pros and cons to it, according to many reviews from sites including PC TeK Reviews, KitGuru, and Bit-Tech.
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The Z370-E motherboard is the newest product from Intel‘sCoffee Lake” family of CPUs. With RGB LED lighting complimenting silver heatsinks, the style and aesthetics of this motherboard are definitely there. According to Bit-Tech, this style is much different from the dark grey/black colors we have been seeing in boards.
However, the most important part is the performance. A review by PC TeK Reviews led me to believe that this motherboard had no cons. It is a very well performing board for gamers and mainstream users. It has good overclocking performance and is perfect for user- customization. Although, another review by Bit-Tech disagreed. They argued that the main issue for this motherboard was that it didn’t offer much for its price. There are much cheaper options by ASUS, but at the same time there’s very little for this price option that offer more (Bit-Tech).
Chipset Intel Z370
Form factor ATX
CPU support Intel Socket LGA 1151-V2
Memory support Dual-channel, four slots, max 64GB
Sound Eight-channel SupremeFX S1120A
Networking 1 x Intel Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2
Ports 2 x M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 32Gbps (1 x PCIe/SATA 6Gbps up to 2280, 1 x PCIe/SATA 6Gbps up to 22110) , 6 x SATA 6Gbps, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-A, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C, 1 x USB 3.1 header, 4 x USB 3.0 (2 via headers), 6 x USB 2.0 (4 via headers), 1 x LAN, audio out, line in, mic, Optical S/PDIF out
Dimensions (mm) 305 x 244
Extras Wi-Fi aerials, RGB LED extension cable, 40/60mm fan mount (Bit-Tech).
Overall, the ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming Motherboard is a solid contender when looking at high-performance motherboards with solid gaming compatibility. Although the price may seem pretty steep for what you’re getting, there’s really not much more you can get for the same price. All in all I would recommend this motherboard for anyone looking for a high-end gaming experience.
Note: This review is part of a classroom project.