This Motherboard is the Msi Z690 Carbon WIFI.


I have not had this motherboard for a long time and I have had a blast with this new motherboard for my pc. It has made my games and websites run so smoothly, it has made streaming games really easy for me. This motherboard has plenty of memory with it being DDR5, it also has 4 memory slots. This motherboard cost $249.99, this motherboard has free shipping on Newegg.

On Newegg this motherboard has a 4.5 out of 5 ratings on Newegg. There is only 6% of people on Newegg that vote 1 egg, 2% of people vote 2 eggs, 3% of people vote 3 eggs,  13% of people say 4 eggs, 76% of people vote 5 eggs.

I strongly recommend this motherboard to experienced pc gamers/streams. This motherboard will let your pc and or streams run super smoothly for you. I will not be using a new motherboard for a longtime because of this one.

Link to Motherboard:










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