Intel Core i3-6100

The i3 6100 CPU

I have been searching for a CPU to go into my motherboard. I was looking for something that would be good to have at home not to being playing games or having lots of different things going on all at once. My plans for this PC is to maybe watch some videos and to look up information or other low profile stuff.

The CPU i3-6100 is a relativity good CPU. Your motherboard must be equipped with a CPU socket LGA 1151, this socket will only except Intel CPUs. The i3-6100 is not what I would recommend for a gamer PC, it will be unable to move as fast as other CPUs.

This CPU is equipped with 2/4 cores/threads. The clock speed is 3.70GHz and has 3 MB of L3 cache.

A good website I used as a tool to help me find what CPU I wanted was PassMark. This website takes lots of different CPUs and will rank them and also you will be able to compare them. PassMark helped me make this decision, it gave the i3-6100 a rank of 4152. When I talked to other educated people they let me know that a rank of about 5000 for a home computer would make me happy.

I also looked at reviews on other websites to be sure I will be happy with this CPU. On Newegg their were lots of reviews and lots of them telling me that I will be happy with this choice.

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Note: This review is for a classroom project.

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