Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2070 Windforce 8GB Graphics Card


When it comes to video cards there is a lot of information to understand. The question is not only what does that term mean but what does it do? That is why this will easy to read and informative. The video card that I am talking about costs just a hair less than my $500 budget,  just $499.99 on newegg. That may seem like a large amount of money to a child or a young adult out living by themselves, but that is just part of building computers. Building computers can be built cheap, but not if you want to have a computer to play the latest game at top quality. Don’t stop here and think ” well this guy must have a huge amount of money to work with”. As much as I would love to yes to that, I won’t lie I have to budget just as much as the next person. For this project I had a few hundred dollars to work with, and this is the card that I found, The Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2070 Windforce. Now I know some might say that it is a bit extreme for many games which is true, but doesn’t mean I don’t want to limit myself by wimping out ,and getting a card that is not as good just to save a few dollars. 

Now not to confuse people I am going to try and make the description of the card specifications easy to understand by not throwing out a bunch of confusing terms that some may not know (like those who are reading this just to learn somethings to look for when buying a graphics card or cards for family members like a teenage son or daughter that is a gamer). First is the core clock speed, or how fast the GPU (Graphics Processing unit ) goes. The GPU for those that do not know or do not understand this is like the CPU, it is the brain of the video card the fast it is the better it handles loads of information in big games that have some really high quality graphics. Cards GPU speeds are measured in Hertz, cards now days are upwards of 1400 MHz, but this card comes in at 1620 MHz which to say is not bad for those playing games with high quality graphics. It also has 2304 CUDA cores which is like MHz, the higher the better. 

Along with a good GPU it also has multiple monitor or T.V. ports, while most know what HDMI or USB ports are but, gamers also use what are called “Display ports”. They are like HDMI ports (they look different though) but, they are a little less known if you don’t already own a monitor or T.V. that has a port, connecting wire and something that uses said connecting wire. This card is equipped with one version 2.0 HDMI port, three Display ports, and one USB type C port (looks like a plug in for charging a phone). 

Now the memory, also known as VRAM or video RAM. Its just like RAM except on a video card for processing through video. The faster the memory goes, the more information per cycle (bits), and more VRAM all helps with better performance of your graphics card. This card has a memory speed of 14000 MHz (which is plenty), 256 bits (which also is helps with memory per cycle), and 8 GB of VRAM ( more means generally better processing of information). Finally the newer that version of memory the better, this card comes with GDDR6 which is the latest and greatest. 

The connector for the card itself is a version 3.0 x16 slot which is commonly found on gaming motherboards. If you buy this product please check with you motherboard manufacturer that it will fit in your computer.  Also with this computer is the three cooling fans (this is why its called Windforce). Plus it also uses Directx 12 and OpenGL 4.5 which are programms that help with 3D graphics. This card supports up to 4 monitors at one time for a multi moniter view.

Finally SLI and what it is and does. SLI is NVidia’s version of a connector for two graphics cards. A lot of gamers use this to run more monitors with better graphics. Many will use this to combine two graphics cards to work like one better to a point. Here is the one thing card does not do is support SLI. this means that even if you wanted to you cannot connect two of these cards together.

That is all that I have to say about this card. I hope for those who are looking for a good card find what they are looking for. If  what I told you helps great, if not, well im not sure what to tell you other than to wish you luck or find someone to help you to understand the information above. If you’re trying to find a Graphics card for your family member of friend I would suggest talking to a friend you trust that happens to be a computer repairs person. If you don’t happen to have a friend that knows anything about computers, read a couple more blogs or watch a few educational youtube videos on computer hardware. So good luck and have a nice day.

Be Aware: This is part of a school project.

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