Intel 6th gen core i7-6700K processor


The CPU that I tested is the Intel 6th gen i7-6700K. I used it in my home computer, which is a little old. Compared to my old computer it handles high fps much better. It runs at 4.0 GHz but can run up to 4.2 GHz so it handles videos and game play fairly well.It even handle game play with HD graphics better than my old computer.

       I used an online MMO that I know can make most computer lag a little. So after playing the game for a while the only problem I had is a old graphics card that needs an upgrade. The CPU handles everything that would be expected, although it does have some trouble with large amount of Fps, which is an expected problem that will probably happen. This rig I have set up is not a gaming computer but a work computer.  

The CPU it-self has 8 MB of L3 cache, which means it can handle a fair amount of data at one time. The CPU only handles two speeds of DDR4 RAM 2133 and 1866. It has the ability to handle lots of data, and put in some hard work. This would be perfect if you plan to use it for lots of work or some game play. So either way if you want to play or work from home, this is the CPU to use.


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This is part of a school project


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