HP S700 SSD Review

This is a review of an Hp S700 SSD that is compatible with any motherboard that supports a SATA III port connection. This HP S700 SSD is also a Kaby Lake version. This CPU is to be used for a faster gaming PC. This is an up to date model and it can be used for gaming purposes. While you could use this for lower end use like for home use, it is not the purpose that it is being reviewed for.

The HP S700 solid state drive is manufactured by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company is an American multinational corporation and technology company which focuses on the development of SSD’s (solid state drives), also known as the data storage device of the computer. They are headquartered in Palo Alto, California. They started up their corporation on November 1, 2015. They are widely considered a top drive manufacturer. (HP Wikipedia) For more information about HP see their website.
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  • 2.5″
  • Size: 250Gb
  • Max Sequential Read Up to 555 MBps
  • Max Sequential Write Up to 515 MBps
  • 4KB Random Read Up to 55,000 IOPS
  • 4KB Random Write Up to 80,000 IOPS
  • Buffer: 32 Mb
  • TLC (is able to take in more per cell)
  • MTBF Lifespan: 2,000,000 hours
  • Warranty: 3 years

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With these specifications, it worked really well and really fast for my  ASRock H170A-X1 home motherboard. When I found these specifications of the SATA III ports fit my motherboard. This HP S700 SSD was a great find for me to use for my home motherboard. I recommend you get it too, I got mine from Coleton’s Computer Parts distribution company. The final price for it was $69.99 as seen on Newegg.
Note: This review is for a classroom project.
References: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/home.html

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