AMD – A6-7400K Processor – Black

<![CDATA[AMD is a very well known company which has been selling products since 1969. AMD is a very trusted seller in which is well-known for selling products at very inexpensive prices. I needed to buy a CPU for a low cost therefore, I chose AMD specifically for a very inexpensive gaming PC. Although the Motherboards I already had, required an FM2+ socket type.
I chose the AMD – A6-7400K Processor – Black Series. It was very inexpensive costing only $58.99. Pass-mark rates this processor fairly decent for how low the cost is. Which for my needs it fit perfect for me.

  • Passmark CPU Mark: 2792
  • Passmark CPU Rank: 1132

This processor has a high processor speed although it had a couple flaws. First there was not much cache therefore it made the processor run overall slower. The 6-cores helps on certain things although it does not necessarily help me with gaming.

  • Processor Speed:
    • 3.5 gigahertz
  • Memory Compatibility:
    • DDR3 1866
  • Cache Level:
    • L1 (96 KB 3-way and 2 x 16 KB 4-way),
    • L2 (1 Megabyte)
  • Processor Cores:
    • 6-cores

Overall this processor preforms well for the price. I would recommend this for other things, but it might not be the best processor for a gaming PC. AMD – A6-7400K Processor – Black Series is a reliable processor however.
*This review is for a classroom project]]>

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