Google Chromebook Enrollment

<![CDATA[Enrolling a chromebook into your Google for Education management console is a fairly easy undertaking. 
Step 1:  Have “Place device in user organization during auto enrollment” enabled in your domain’s device management prior to enrolling the Chromebook.  The Chromebook will automatically be placed in the organizational unit that the account you use to enroll with is in.  
Step 2:  Connect the Chromebook to the proper wireless network.
Step 3:  At the login screen you will press CTRL+ALT+E to enroll the device.  
Note:  If the Chromebook is signed into before enrollment, you will need to wipe the device and restart the setup process.  To wipe the device, simply hold down the ESC, Refresh, and Power buttons down as the Chromebook is starting up.
Step 4: Sign in with your Google Apps domain and click the “Sign in” button.  Use a generic account  that is in the OU for the appropriate student group.  We made an account for each grade level and used it so all the devices would propagate to the correct OU.
Thank you to Brian Dittfeld (Technology Director, Indian Valley Local Schools).  All this in formation originally came from his presentation at OETC.

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