Intel i5-6500 – This is a review.

The CPU is the mind of the computer and is a necessity of a functioning computer. Some might consider the CPU the most important part of a PC as it is needed to do most of the thinking of all components of the computer. I have looked over a CPU of the i5 that can go into a Intel grade ASUS motherboard for gaming.
Intel is a Processor manufacturer company and is widely known, as they are mostly LGA based CPU products today. Thy have provided us with the i5-6500 Intel core processor.
the socket type of the CPU is to be a 1151, and is a available as a LGA CPU due to it being a Intel grade processor. The bus speed of the CPU is 3.2Ghz, as of the motherboard’s ram is close to this number to remove any excessive amount of bottleneck. In which this is a fairly well off CPU and it is well close to the RAM amount of the gamer Motherboard.
The CPU is hyper threaded into 4 threads. The cache amount of L2 is 4x256KB and L3 is around 6MB. The motherboard can support DDR3 and DDR4 for a wide expansive choice in quality.
overall, the CPU meets its standards and gets to a close fit for a working gaming machine, as of it does it even better. with the CPU running at 3.2 GHz as close to what the motherboard runs at the bottleneck is smaller than average and will run smoother.  the CPU can also support up to 64GB of memory, a fair amount for a well off gamer PC.
This CPU is Hyper threaded into 4 threads, this can conclude that the CPU is actually a “Dual-Core” which isn’t that big of a deal, but I can be accounted for. It also sits at a 65W Thermal cooling, so It’s not that beefy. but it can still provide much of what you need.
Intel has once again priced it over with a 209.99 fee at the moment and if you have the cash, I’d say this would be a better choice, but it also remains that there are also other CPU processors out there for a cheaper price that could have similar out comes, but this is a gamer PC, and if the money is on the table. I would take this CPU.
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