GIGABYTE GA-H81M-H Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

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Gigabyte was founded in 1986, and has been making motherboards ever since. The most recently recorded data shows that Gigabyte sold over 5 million motherboards. Gigabyte is located in New Taipei Taiwan. Gigabyte is known for the pure quality of the motherboards sold, and to have somewhat high prices. The price may look high but, the price fits the quality of motherboard you will receive.
The motherboard I am reviewing from gigabyte today is the GA-H81M-H. It is a micro ATX motherboard that takes a Intel processor. It has a fourth Generation LGA socket (a few Generations back, but still good). This is the least expensive Motherboard I could find made by Gigabyte, and it still surpasses the basic requirements for a good home PC. Below I will show a list of its specifications.
Max RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600/1333
CPU Socket: LGA 1150 G4
PS2 Slots: Mouse, Keyboard
Video: VGA, HDMi
USB: 2x 2.0, 2x 3.0
LAN: RJ45- Max Speed 10/100/1000Mbps
Audio: Line in, line out, mic in (Channel 2/4/5.1/7.1)
SATA: 2x SATA2, 2x SATA3
Expansion Slots: PCI Express 2.0 x 16, 2x PCI Express x1
Overall this is a great home PC. If you just need a PC to run at a good speed, to perform tasks on, this is the perfect Motherboard for you. I do not suggest getting this to build a gaming PC with this motherboard, it does not have the speed, memory, or video to do so. Overall this would be a great fit for a home PC, even a good fit for a business PC. It is also a great price, and you can find it at Newegg for only $37.99. Again, do not get this for a gaming PC.
Note:  This review is part of a classroom project.

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