AMD FirePro W5100 100-505737 (video card)


video card

Looking for a great graphics card for your child’s gamer PC but cant find that perfect graphics card? Look no further! This graphics card is the thing for you! It has everything you could want for your child in a graphics card for your child’s gamer PC. This graphics card has a memory size of 4GB (GDDR5) and many other specifications that follow:

  • GPU: FirePro W5100 (GPU meaning Graphics Professing Unit)
  • Display OutPuts: Four Standard DisplayPort display outputs.
  • Maximum DisplayPort 1.2a resolution 4096×2160
  • Mother Board Interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16 (Type of Slot this video card will fit into on the motherboard)
  • Cooled by a Fan
  • 96 GB/s Bandwidth
  • Type of Directx: DirectX 11.2
  • 4K display resolution (up to 4096×2160)
  • Minimun 500W Power Supply
  • Supports CrossFire (Cross fire is an AMD supported method of taking more then one graphics card and making them work together, almost like putting 2 together as 1.)

Any other specifications needed can be found here along with the price of  $349.99. A great choice for your childs PC and will serve more then its soul purpose of providing better gaming and video streaming!

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