This Gigabyte graphics card is one of the best on the market. You cannot find better expansion cards for gamers and enthusiasts from any other manufacturer. Gigabyte is known for their powerful graphics cards, and should be a first choice when considering quality. Based out of California, Nvidia  is a highly respected manufacturer and their Geforce series is know around the world.
This graphics card is a 12gb masterpiece. This card is truly larger in everything when compared to others.  Just take a look at the huge amount of wattage it takes to run this piece, with 600w needed to run you could only imagine the power. Overclocking is always an option with Nvidia.
Here is a very powerful, top of the line, Gigabyte graphics card. This is not for amateurs or beginners, this is for the seasoned gamer. You must be serious about gaming if you intend on purchasing this card. This is a very expensive card, but you get what you pay for. I always make sure to get the best parts when building a PC, you should never settle for mediocre.

  • GeForce GTX TITAN X
  • 7010 MHz
  • 12GB
  • 384 bit
  • PCI-E 3.0
  • GDDR5
  • 600W
  • Multi-view: 4
  • Multi-link supported

This graphics card is perfect for the avid gamer/enthusiast. I’d personally recommend this card to any of my friends. This motherboard does come with large  price. But you should never just settle for something cheap when it comes to your PC. This graphics card is $999.00 at Geforce.]]>

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