Need a new school lab?

<![CDATA[Frequently technology coordinators are faced with the option of adding or upgrading a new lab at school.  Usually we just look at our current setup and upgrade to newer hardware, OSs, and associated software.  This past year I was faced with the possibility of adding an additional lab in a very old (low tech) building.  When our building supervisor looked at it he immediately said we would need a new sub-panel and wiring to support 28 new PCs in the room.  His estimate for that was $7500.
Instead of going for the wiring and the traditional approach, I decided to look into greener options.  The nComputing L300 option immediately popped out in my Google searches for low power PCs.  I am not a fanboy of thin computing and was very skeptical about the statements concerning it’s performance.  I contacted several other Technology Coordinators and got their feedback and recommendations.  All of them gave the system high praise, once they got their labs configured correctly.
The problem with this approach, and probably any thin computing lab, is proper configuration.  Two schools both recommended a fully configured option from FireFly Computers.  Their entire business is built on one thing, building nComputing Labs really well, and it turns out that they do just that.
IMG_0040We purchased their Firefly 1200 rackmount server and put it in our server closet.  We did a 28 station lab in the existing classroom (with no additional electrical added.)  The Ethernet (it is an all Ethernet connection back to the server) all goes through Gb switches to a single Gb copper line to the server.  The setup could not have been more simple and the performance has been exactly as advertised.
I would recommend this path for any new lab.  The price per workstation is much lower than ANY PC and the energy savings are great.]]>

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