Building blended lessons for your classroom

Many teachers want administration to commit to how we are teaching in the fall.  While we could be conservative and just go 100% online, that isn’t the best plan for all of our students.   We also can’t assume that 100% of our students will be in the classroom all year.  We are simply in a fantastic state of flux.  I know many teachers would use a different word there, but flux is the most G word for that sentence.  So what can a teachers do?

The best plan (IMHO) is to plan for the chaos.  Make your lessons blended lessons.  If you use them as blended lessons, great!  If you teach the content yourself and simply use the activity associated with the blended lesson, that works too.  I have spent the majority of the summer recording my traditional classes and making blended lessons for my class.  If we are all in the room together, I will be teaching and using the activities.  If a student (or multiple students) are not in my room, they will be watching the pre-recorded lessons and doing the same activities as the classroom students.  If all my students are online (ie. we close,) then all is well.  I will have modeled the use of the lessons in class, making the transition home almost seamless.  I will simply add a bigbluebutton time each day for questions and answers.

The following video covers making those lessons in any LMS environment.  I will demonstrate and go through my Hardware class lessons in a followup post.

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