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Welcome to Online Teaching and Learning.

This Blog is a result of the many changes and considerations being faced by teachers around the world, all from Covid-19.  During the spring of 2020 we faced many new challenges.  All teachers continue to think about the ever changing world of effective teaching in this new, non-traditional, environment.

My first career was in the USAF.  I retired as a Lt. Col. in 2017.  I flew operationally in the T-37, MH-53J, MH-53M, and the C-141.  I began my new career as a teacher and technology coordinator in the fall of 2003 (I was a reservist by then.)  I added Technology Integration Specialist to my roles in 2005.  I realized that having technology tools for teachers, with no training to effectively use them, was a waste of school resources.  I have been filling all three roles ever since.

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